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what brings you joy?

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it brings me joy

i have been a career woman for 3 decades, first in the fashion industry in NYC, and then the hospitality industry.  i decided i needed a change.  i have done some shifting and reevaluating.  i will be staying home with my family and my most important position of "uber driver" to our 14 year old twins.  i'm not going to say it was cancer that has brought me to this decision, but i really believe that everything happens according to His plan.  God brought me to it, and through it, to show me the importance of being present and grateful for the daily duties right here in front of me.

and do things that bring me joy....

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my joys


prayer rocks

i pray and rejoice in answered prayer.  it brings me joy.

when i am asked to add someone to my prayer list.  i put their name on a rock, and place them in a bowl.  once the prayer is answered, i put that rock in the other bowl.  it brings me joy knowing that my friends trust that i will pray for their friends and i will give thanksgiving when the one bowl is empty.

family and friends

i am blessed to spend time with family and friends.  it brings me joy.

when i speak of family, i immediately think of a support system who can give you a reality check when you need it:  a mirror reflection of myself.  i believe that we are a result of our family - the people who encourage us and tell us the truth about who we are which helps us to grow through their advice and wisdom.  
tasha smith


i am on a quest to bring you things that bring me joy.  if you would like to share with me, or give me something for my blog, don't hesitate to reach out.  
what 'brings me joy' and what you find joyful can help lift others.

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tangible things that bring me joy

IMG_5758 (3).jpg

sweet dixie design

i personalize note cards and stationery.  it brings me joy. 

writing a hand written note is a lost art, that i think should come back.  in this electronic age, let's put personality and warmth back in our lives.

write a note, just 'cause

i am keen on notes of hope, encouragement and thanks.  feel free to visit my etsy store, the link is below.

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