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b'day cake

so, big daddy turned 49 on our ski trip to park city in feb. such a funny and long story, but i'll be quick... i instagram messaged lisa barlow from the RHOSLC asking for a recommendation of bakery's in the area. hilar in itself, but she messaged me BACK... so got a hold of this lady, and designed the cake over the phone. yes, all of this brought me joy, as we surprised him at the restaurant and all, but the foreshadowing here is priceless... this was friday, but in real life, sunday am. we all, 16 of us, met up at the lift to go to the top of the mountain for a pic. when john went to put his skis on, they were gone. someone either stole them or mistook them for theirs. thus, just like the cake, big daddy was stranded on a mountain with no skiis... hahaha

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