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eagle point

i find nothing more soothing than being beside water.

i find such solace in water. to hear it, see it, to be in it; it brings me joy. my fond summer childhood memories always go back to eagle point, our cottage on lake memphremagog in the northeast kingdom. i have always been a water baby and so grateful lillian and marshall are too. even more grateful that my children love "the lake" as much as i do.

i can sit by a body of water for hours. i am sure the influence was not all my own. i am blessed that i have gone to vermont for every summer of my 52 years with the exception of one year, 2006. it is a part of me, i need to go, being in the cottage brings me joy. i have made life time friends of the generations of families at eagle point with most who have generational stories like mine. lil and marsh are the 4th generation for my family. they too have made and continue to make life time friends.

eagle point, it brings me abundant joy.

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