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gilley hole cancer

let me try and explain. if you have siblings you know about being tickled by one of them. when you are tickling someone's armpit, do you say, gilley gilley gilley? or is that just a lucas thing? my cancer diagnosis was determined to be stage 2a metastatic breast cancer that presented in my left armpit with no primary breast cancer. a very strange presentation indeed. so my brother jumped on the opportunity to let people know, my sister has gilley hole cancer.

it is with this banter and attitude that helped me get thru some very difficult times. cancer is tough don't get me wrong, and i didn't laugh all that much in the beginning, couple that with a pandemic.... i was driven by faith in God, the support of some close friends and family, i was determined to kick cancer's ass. and, duh... i did.

next time you tickle someone, i dare you to say, gilley gilley gilley. laughing at my gilley hole cancer brings me joy.

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