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my child is an artist

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

i'm going back to when my kiddos were in pre-k. they'd bring home macaroni artwork and God's eyes, and stick figure family drawings. and you're like... oh that is sooooooo beautiful and it's all for me? how could i be so lucky?

here's the thing... as you can see, my kids are not artists.

but, can ya throw this stuff away? nope. ya can't. here's my solution, to the artwork that is not displayed in my laundry room. get a trunk, for each kiddo, and stuff it full of all of their glorious pieces. this way, they take it with them to their homes. i have stuff, i will not call it art, that my mom saved and i treasure it... no, i do not display it, as my kids actually are way more talented than i, and i would only admit that here in this safe place.. haha

art by my "wee ones", brings me joy.

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