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not gonna lie

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

i know NOTHING about blogging. but here goes. i wanted to create a place that encourages and supports my readers. i guess this is the place where i just free write, right? haha

i have made a conscious effort to eliminate negativity in my life. i disconnected with facebook in 2016 and instagram last may. after quitting my "day job" i have been drawn back to insta to promote my notecard and beautycounter business. i hope that i can get my message across here on this platform so i can once again be off of social media. i just got sucked into all the negativity and ended up being so frustrated that i just walked away. try it sometime..... it's not as easy as it sounds.

so, i think i have created my first blog. i will be back with encouraging words, great products, insights to going thru cancer, and hopefully generate some funny banter. i love to laugh, my kids say i laugh so loud it's embarrassing to them. heck, i hope i embarrass them in that way, forever.

till next time, do something that brings you joy.

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