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smelly fathers day

i started chemo on may 8th, and by the time fathers day rolled around, we needed a break. we needed normalcy and a change of scenery. it was kinda tough booking anything during that time. but, i found the cutest cabin up on lake rabun, which is in north ga. the hotel that is associated with this property didn't seem like a place for the family, it was too couple'ish. so i booked a cabin, it was marketed as a fishing camp... well, when we keyed in, it smelled horrible!! someone had plugged in some gross scented room deodorizer and the windows seemed to be sealed shut. you could taste the smell in there. (remember i am going thru chemo at this time and very sensitive to smells)

we took a trip into town and bought a candle. we burned that thing, non stop. we had reservations for dinner at the hotel both evenings. the "camp" was not really on property at all. we dressed for dinner and headed that way. there was a tree down and the road was impassable. so starving, we went back to our smelly place. did i mention there was no TV? thought that was wonderful upon booking. haha dinner was 2 hours late, due to the tree, but delicious. the next day us city slickers went horseback riding. hilar. then again to an amazing dinner at the hotel that evening.

you're probably asking, what about any of this brings me joy? well, every time i think of the smelly cabin, it brings a smile to my face, and when i light the candle, yes, i brought it home, it was $30. i remember our weekend of "normalcy", smelly or not, it was amazing family time. and, my family and our crazy, brings me joy.

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