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sooooo last night,

I smelled an old man. we are in charlotte, headed to the lake for our summer vacation. Our first stop is charlotte w my bestie, gretchen and her family. We went to this “hip” place called optimist hall. it was there, outside, at a picnic table, over dinner and a beer, that i smelled this awesome smell. As i have told u before, i am very smell sensitive. Over the next 20 or 30 mins i kept smelling this scent

turned around and the table behind me had two older men, four young ladies and a younger man sitting there. Whats the saying, follow your nose, it always knows?

i kindly interupped their convo and asked, who here smells so delightful. i dont know who was more horrifie, the table i left, or the one i approached….

giess whats arriving to await me in vermont? Loewe.

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